Biocorneum – Advanced Scar Treatment


  • BioCorneum- Is an effective product providing advanced scar treatment.
  • BioCorneum- Is the only FDA-Cleared Silishield advance treatment with SPF30 Protection.
  • BioCorneum- Helps your patients make every outcome beautiful.
  • BioCorneum- Gives patients control toward a beautiful recovery.
  • BioCorneum- The most profitable topical solution sold to our customers and perfect for your practice!
  • BioCorneum- “The difference in healing is remarkable” Jonathan Landon MD- NY.

BIOCORNEUM is the only advanced scar treatment with FDA-cleared Silishield™ technology plus the protection of SPF 30. Learn why physicians prefer the patented silicone formulation in BIOCORNEUM for scar treatment over other therapies.

BIOCORNEUM’s patented crosslinking silicone, Silishield, has been shown to be effective:

In preventing post-op scarring

  1. The self-drying silicone gel used in the study was shown to be effective in reducing the hypertrophy rate of fresh surgical scars, and this type of treatment was rated as the first choice for preventing hypertrophy of recent scars.
  2. Treatment with silicone gel after incision resulted in 67% of scars being rated normal (versus 28% with no treatment), and 26% mildly hypertrophic (versus 46% with no treatment). These results were statistically significant.

In treating existing scars

  1. Silicone gel was used to treat both newly formed scars (< 3 months) and older scars (at least 4 years), and was shown to be eective at relieving  scar symptoms.
  2. 70% to 85% of patients and physicians reported improvements in scar symptoms after treatment with silicone gel and more than 80% had high satisfaction in ease of use, cosmetic result, and overall satisfaction.

Preferred over other therapies

• BIOCORNEUM is the only topical scar treatment with FDA-cleared Silishield™ patented crosslinking medical grade silicone and SPF to prevent and minimize the formation of new scars, decrease the appearance of old scars, protect scars from sun exposure’s darkening effects, and dry quickly to adhere to skin for 12 to 24 hours. Silishield’s patented technology keeps skin hydrated, minimizing collagen formation that contributes to abnormal scarring.

Usage of Biocorneum relating to scar size:

  • 10 grams  (2-3 inch scar. Twice daily treatment.)
  • 20 grams  (4-6 inch scar. Twice daily treatment.)
  • 50 grams  (7-9 inch scar. Twice daily treatment.)

*for maximum effectiveness, use Biocorneum twice a day for the duration of the treatment.

Biocorneum is safe to use

BIOCORNEUM’s patented self-drying silicone gel, Silishield, caused no side effects such as maceration, rashes, infections, or irritation.   98.7% of physicians and 98.2% of patients rated tolerability of the patented silicone
formulation as “very good” or “good.

Download the PDF here: Download BIOCORNEUM Info


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