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Preconception Care

Adressing problems like obesity & nutrition

Preconception counseling is also about addressing problems like obesity and nutrition as being overweight or obese (weight for height BMI > 30) can impact pregnancy outcome:


  • increased risk of spontaneous abortion

  • increased risk of early fetal loss and stillbirth

  • increased risk of fetal structural congenital anomalies such as brain and spine abnormalities (such as neural tube defects, hydrocephaly) cardiovascular, facial and limb malformations

  • increased risk of maternal heart disease, kidney damage, sleep apnea, liver damage, gestational diabetes mellitus (diabetes in pregnancy), and preeclampsia (high blood pressure and blood vessel disease in pregnancy)

  • increased risk of metabolic syndrome (obesity, high blood sugar, belly fat, high blood pressure and cholesterol/triglycerides) and insulin resistance (pre-diabetes and diabetes) during pregnancy may cause preexisting but subclinical cardiometabolic dysfunction to emerge as high risk pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)

  • increased risk of cesarean delivery, failed trial of labor, endometritis (infection of the uterus postpartum), wound rupture or dehiscence (opening of the wound), and venous thrombosis (life threatening blood clot)

  • increased risk of infants with more body fat and long-term risks of metabolic syndrome and childhood obesity

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Family planning

Now the most important part of preconception care is actually family planning. Unplanned pregnancies are at higher risk of having poor outcomes compared to planned pregnancies. In my practice it is prudent to ask all women whether they PLAN to become pregnant in the next year. 

If the answer is YES then my goal is to make this woman the healthiest version of herself BEFORE conception. 

If the answer to having a baby in the next year is NO, I will discuss pregnancy prevention options while still aiming to improve her overall wellbeing and health.  


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