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One of the most common questions I get is “Why in the world would you chose to become a gynecologist?” With many-a-cringed face. 

I like to think that the specialty chose me. In my opinion there is nothing more intimate and personal than sexual health, pregnancy and childbirth all of which fascinate me to the core. I am a dynamic individual who can be deeply personal, soft and empathetic with a wicked sense of humor coupled with the education and training to safely deliver your little blessing and deliver desired surgical results.


I was born and bred in southern California, a dichotomous upbringing between the Inland Empire and Orange county which gave me an urban flare, eclectic taste, and appreciation for diversity in my formative years.

Early on I was inquisitive about health and the body. At the wise age of six I was adamant about being a part of my younger sisters birth so my mother allowed me to take a child birthing class in preparation. There were no medical professionals in my family but I took an interest in an article found on a local pediatric cardiologist and interviewed him as a career project in elementary school.

In high school I volunteered in the hospital as a candy-striper transporting postpartum mothers and prior to medical school I traveled to Ghana to volunteer at an underserved african community hospital. The year prior to matriculating into medical school I spent a year working at the pioneering Whitaker Wellness Center in Newport Beach, California learning about the alternative medicine and the holistic approach to healing patients.

Needless to say I have an intellectual curiosity about the human experience and have a genuine interest in how I could share in and improve others journeys.

I am passionate
about health


My undergraduate education was at the University of California Irvine where I achieved a Bachelors of Science degree in Chemistry with latin honors Magna Cum Laude.   

My medical education was achieved at Loma Linda University school of Medicine where I made a personal commitment to mind body and spiritual care. I went on to residency at Loma Linda University Medical Center in Obstetrics and Gynecology and became board certified. I was asked to stay on at this world renowned tertiary care teaching institution as a general Obgyn and attending physician, where I went on to train the next generation of obstetricians and gynecologists in their residency as well as educate the young medical doctors from the school of medicine.  

The Loma Linda experience has been truly unique and unexpected.
Coming from a secular scholastic environment  to a Christian Seventh Day Adventist environment was transformative. I became a member of whole-person-care group whose mission is to educate not only the mind but nourish the soul. 

I have learned to live and lead by example with attention to health from the inside out. I have learned that kindness and humility is the language that the human spirit resonates with and being honest and direct in understanding the underlying cause of ailment is the only way to heal. 

I am passionate about health and wellness and I approach each person with that vision and goal.   

Personally I am a wife and mother. I enjoy all aspects of life and am thankful and blessed with what I have and what I can offer others to make their life better in any way possible.

Dr. Broad

Broad Medical Group is symbolized by the Cherry Blossom which embodies the seasons of a woman’s life. In the Japanese culture the Cherry Blossom (Sakura) represents life, death and renewal or rebirth. The visual brilliance of the cherry blossom while in bloom is powerful glorious and intoxicating but the season is short lived. This metaphor is a reminder of the fragility of life and the need to live healthy, mindful and in the present.

In the Chinese culture the cherry blossom represents the dichotomous and complex nature of a woman, both soft female beauty and love and also feminine power, dominance, strength and sexuality. As practitioner of health, Dr Jennifer Broad and Broad Medical Group hopes to help actuate the feminine divine that exists within all of us. Our goal is to use empathic whole-person care to promote health from the inside out so that you may live the most beautiful life you chose to live.

Broad Medical Group