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What exactly is the vulva?

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The vulva includes the female structures located on the outside of a female’s body, but near the opening of the vagina (see diagram below).

  • Mons pubis or “mons” (the mound of tissue above the pubic bone that is usually covered with pubic hair)
  • Clitoris (located above the vagina and typically feels good when it is touched. The clitoral “hood”is a small piece of skin that covers the clitoris)
  • Urethra (opening to the urinary canal, where urine/pee comes out)
  • Labia majora (larger pads of skin on either side of the vagina, protects the vagina from injury)
  • Labia minora (thinner flaps on either side of the vagina, sometimes called “lips”)
  • Anus (opening to the rectum, where bowel movements come out of)