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In pregnancy what kind of exercise can I do?

In pregnancy what kind of exercise can I do?

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Many old ideas about strenuous exercise during pregnancy have been disproved.

The type and intensity of sports and exercise you participate in during pregnancy depends on your health and how active you were before you were pregnant. Not a good time to take up a strenuous sport. If you were active before you pregnancy there is no reason you cannot continue within reason.

Walking: If you did not do any exercise before becoming pregnant, walking is a good way to begin an exercise program.

Tennis: If you are an active tennis player, you can probably continue to play unless you have special problems or feel unusually tired. Just be aware of your change in balance and how it effects rapid movement.

Jogging: If you jog, you probably can continue as long as you feel comfortable. Avoid becoming overheated, and stop if you feel uncomfortable or unusually tired. Remember to drink plenty of water.

Swimming: If you are a swimmer, you can continue to swim. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise. The water supports your weight while you tone and strengthen many different muscles. Scuba diving is not advised.

Golf and bowling: Both of these sports are good forms of recreation. You will just have to adjust to your enlarged abdomen. Be careful not to lose your balance.

Snow skiing, water skiing, and surfing: These sports can be dangerous because you can hit the ground or water with great force. Falling while traveling at such fast speeds could harm your baby.

Climbing, hiking, and skiing above 10,000 feet: Elevation above 10,000 feet can deprive you and your baby of oxygen and cause premature labor. Avoid strenuous exercise at this altitude, especially if you normally live close to sea level.