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What is Cord Blood registry?

Cord blood (umbilical cord blood) is blood that remains in the placenta and in the attached umbilical cord after childbirth. Cord blood is collected because it contains stem cells, which can be used to treat hematopoietic and genetic disorders.

Cord blood stem cells have already been used in more than 35,000 transplants worldwide to regenerate healthy blood and immune systems. There’s also exciting research on using cord blood for regenerative medicine, which aims to harness the stem cells inside to help the body heal itself.

Cord blood banking

Cord blood banking, also known as newborn stem cell preservation, is the process of saving the remaining blood in the umbilical cord, after birth, for potential future use.

Preserve the possibilities in your baby's cord blood

Cord blood stem cells have awesome abilities. That’s why they’ve been used for more than thirty years to help regenerate healthy blood and immune systems worldwide. 

And when you preserve these powerful cells, you protect them from aging, locking in their unique advantages. Join the millions of parents who are privately preserving their newborn’s stem cells for potential future use. We’ll keep them safe and sound.

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6 Reasons to Preserve Your Baby’s Cord Blood

Cord Blood in Numbers

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The first cord blood transplant occurred in 1988. More than 30 years later, researchers and physicians have continued to learn more about current and potential uses to help the body heal itself.

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clinical trials

With more than 100 clinical trials in progress worldwide studying cord blood to help advance current applications in transplant medicine, as well as investigating possible future applications in regenerative medicine, we’re optimistic that the future holds even more potential.

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Can be used as part of a stem cell transplant to help rebuild the immune system for certain cancers, blood, and immune disorders.

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regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine could be a game-changer. More than 80% of the cord blood used by CBR client families has been for experimental regenerative medicine applications, like cerebral palsy and autism. 

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Cord blood has been used in more than 40,000 stem cell transplants worldwide, from both public donor and private family banks, to help rebuild healthy blood and immune systems. Watch how one family used it for leukemia.

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Full siblings have up to a 75% chance of being at least a partial genetic match. Your baby is always a 100% match to their own cord blood. Use will be determined by the treating physician.