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young family with baby daughter lying together bed

First time pregnancy

One of life’s most beautiful and significant accomplishments is giving birth to a child. However, your body undergoes numerous modifications prior to giving birth. If this is your first pregnancy, you probably have a lot of questions about what to expect throughout the next nine months. Dr. Broad and her staff are here to enlighten …

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tips to increase your chances of becoming pregnant

Fertility – Tips to increase chances of becoming pregnant

What can you do to improve your chances of becoming pregnant? To begin, understand how fertilization works and how to create the stage. Then learn how to nudge your fertility in the right direction.   Before you’re in full-on infant creating mood, the methodology may appear simple: Have sex, get pregnant. However, getting pregnant sometimes …

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expired pregancy test

Expiration of pregnancy test

Nowadays, it is quite simple to detect pregnancy without going to the physician and undergoing a series of invasive procedures. Home pregnancy tests have made this process both private and straightforward. They work on the principle of hormone quantification: the test strips are labeled with a specific molecule that can detect the presence of human …

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Brain Alterations Of Children Through Coffee

Brain altered by caffeine in the belly, study finds

A new research study found that caffeine taken during pregnancy can modify key brain pathways, leading to behavioral problems in later years. Researchers from the Del Monte Neuroscience Institute at the University of Rochester Medical Center studied thousands of brain scans at ages 9 and 10 to see alterations in brain structure in children exposed …

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