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Birth Control Specialist – Newport Beach, Orange County


Offering trusted and compassionate birth control services in Newport Beach, CA, including non-judgmental care and expert guidance.


Practice Guarantees

At Broad Medical Group everything we do is for your wellness and success. Whether you're looking for short-term, long-term, or permanent methods of contraception you can count on our caring family planning professionals to meet you at your point of need.

Personalized advice with your best interests in mind

"We provide personalized advice and care for your gynecological needs, always keeping your best interests and well-being at the forefront."


Board-certified physicians & accredited nursing practitioners

"Our team includes highly qualified, board-certified physicians and accredited nursing practitioners, ensuring you receive the highest level of care."


Friendly, non-judgmental care providers

"You can trust our friendly and non-judgmental care providers to provide compassionate and understanding medical attention."


A wide range of safe and effective family planning services

"We offer a comprehensive selection of safe and effective family planning services to meet your individual needs and goals."


A safe, homely, and private environment

"Our clinic offers a safe, homely, and private environment for you to receive medical care and support."


Whenever you need to make wise choices, we’re your go-to family planning facility in Orange County, California.

We customize our services to respond to your unique needs with professionalism.

So, if you’re considering waiting a bit longer before you get pregnant or aren’t planning to have kids at all, we provide you with personalized guidance in a considerate environment.

We take time to understand your questions and concerns and help you make a solid choice that is in line with your personal preferences and physical health in general.

We can help with


We provide a variety of birth control methods and counseling to help you find the best option for your individual needs and lifestyle in Newport Beach and surrounding.

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Copper Intrauterine Device-iud


An IUD is a small device that is inserted into the uterus to prevent unwanted pregnancies. The two most common IUDs are copper and hormonal. Our birth control clinic in Newport Beach provides you with both so you get to choose one that suits you best under professional guidance.


Birth Control Pills

It is important to pick the right family planning pills based on your hormonal profile and lifestyle. This is because different birth control medications take different approaches.



This is a barrier method of pregnancy prevention that also doubles up as a protective measure against STI transmissions. Depending on your preferences two kinds of condoms exist namely male and female condoms. Although these latex barriers are available over the counter, you may need the assistance of an expert to decide if they are the best fit for you considering your unique health needs.




Also known as contraceptive injections, shots are a practical family planning tool. And unlike contraceptive pills, shots do not require daily action meaning they can be highly convenient if you have a busy schedule or are prone to forgetting.

Other methods like vaginal rings, IUS, natural family planning methods, emergency contraceptives, and Implanon are also available. 



We also offer pregnancy testing, counseling, and expert assistance to those trying to conceive (TTC).

contraceptive implants

Contraceptive Implants

Contraceptive implants (also known as Nexplanon) are a hormonal birth control method that’s inserted under the skin of your upper arm by a doctor or nurse. The implant is a small rod that contains progesterone. It is normally inserted safely under local anesthesia – something our compassionate practitioners are highly experienced in.


Contraceptive diaphragm

Diaphragm or Cap

Just like condoms diaphragms (or caps) are barrier methods meaning they work by preventing sperm from penetrating through the cervix. A safe and effective birth control method, our experts are available to guide you on its usage.




A patch is a thin, squarish bandage that contains the same hormones as those found in combined pills. It can prove effective if used as advised by a competent fertility control practitioner in Orange County.


How to Figure Out

Which Birth Control Method Is Right for You

Turn on your noodle and grab your journals. It’s time for a little self-reflection. Take some time to think through your answers to the following questions:

1 What failure rate are you willing to accept?

When considering the use of birth control, it is important to consider the potential failure rate of the method. No method of birth control is 100% effective, and the failure rate can vary depending on the type of birth control used. As such, it is important to consider what level of risk you are comfortable with and to discuss your options with a healthcare provider. It's also important to keep in mind that proper use and consistent use is key to reducing the failure rate of any birth control method.


2 Do you want your birth control to reduce STI transmission risk, too?

When choosing a birth control method, it's important to consider all of the potential benefits, including the reduction of STI transmission risk. While some methods, such as condoms, specifically target STI prevention, others may also offer some level of protection. It's important to discuss your STI risk factors with a healthcare provider and consider how much protection against STI transmission is important to you when making your decision. It's also important to remember that condoms are the only method that prevents both pregnancy and the transmission of STIs.


3 What budget are you working within?

When choosing a birth control method, it's important to consider your budget, as some methods can be more expensive than others. It's also important to consider your plans for having children in the future, as some methods may affect your ability to conceive later on.


4 Are you trying to solve for other symptoms?

It's also important to consider if you are trying to solve for other symptoms, such as heavy menstrual bleeding or irregular periods, as some methods may be more effective than others for addressing these issues.


5 Can you realistically use something on a schedule?

And finally, it's important to consider if you can realistically use something on a schedule, as some methods, such as the pill, require daily use, while others, such as the IUD, are long-acting and require less maintenance. Your healthcare provider can help you weigh the pros and cons of different methods and find one that best suits your individual needs and preferences.


6 How do you feel about receiving a pelvic exam?

When choosing a birth control method, it's important to consider your comfort level with receiving a pelvic exam. Some methods, such as the IUD or the implant, require a pelvic exam for insertion and removal, while others, such as the pill or the ring, do not. It's important to discuss your comfort level with your healthcare provider and to understand the requirements for any method you are considering. It's also important to remember that pelvic exams are an important part of women's health and provide important information about the health of the reproductive organs. If you have any concerns or discomfort about pelvic exams, your healthcare provider can help address them and provide support.